Advanced Minerals is the world's leading supplier of high purity diatomite filter aids as well as silica and silicate sorbents. Our products are manufactured in a new state of the art plant and tested to meet the most stringent quality standards.



Sartorius Stedim with Rentschler Biotechnologie and ChangExplorer further present and demonstrate the DBF Technology with Celpure C300 for high density mammalian cell culture clarification and purification. Details


Filtrox Filtrodisc Bio SD disposable microfiltration system demonstrates the use of Celpure pharmaceutical grade filter media. Details


Sartorius Stedim Biotech presents results of advanced testing of high cell density clarification by a single-use Celpure-based filtration system. Details


Imerys and Advanced Minerals Corporation announce the re-launch and availability of Chromosorb W in all popular mesh sizes and all phases (treatments) for gas-liquid chromatography and diagnostic applications. The re-launch is the result of an intense two year program to replicate the classic product using a much more robust and reproducible manufacturing platform to support the continuous supply of this critical laboratory product. Contact your laboratory products supplier, column manufacturer, or Advanced Minerals for more details.


Advanced Minerals awarded the 2013 - 2014 Best Global Supplier by Baxter BioScience, a major multi-national biopharmaceutical leader.


Read about an innovative single-use solution to replace centrifugation in a biotech process using Celpure USP-NF filter media (a collaboration with Sartorius Stedim Biotech and ChangExplorer). Details


Celpure USP-NF grade filter media used to reduce endotoxin content in a microbial lysate in a lentiviral plasmid recovery process. Details

Advanced Minerals Corporation manufacturing site in Lompoc (California) is now registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pursuant to part 207 of Title 21, U.S. Code of Federal Regulations. A copy of the certificate is available by request.
Now available to read, Guest Application Note on ChangeClear using Celpure. Details
Read about Celpure technology in CHO cell purification as presented at the 6th European Downstream Technology Forum. Details
Read about an innovative purification process for biotech using Celpure. Details
New version released of the Application Note, "Diatomite Filter Aid in cGMP Pharmaceutical Processing". Details
  See a companion expert regulatory note about FDA expectations for supplier management. Details
Presented at the AFSS Annual Meeting, May 2008, "Advances in Disposable Diatomite Filter Aid Systems for cGMP Bioseparations". Text  or  Presentation

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