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Our Chromosorb sorbents have been in use since the late 1950s. These sorbents are based on diatomaceous earth and are available in a wide range of surface areas, mesh sizes, and surface treatments.

Advanced Minerals Corporation announces the renewed availability of Chromosorb W and Chromosorb 750 in all popular mesh sizes and all phases (treatments) for gas-liquid chromatography and diagnostic applications.

Available Surface Areas for Chromosorb® Media
Sorbent Type m2/g
Chromosorb P 4.0 - 8.0
Chromosorb A 2.7
Chromosorb W 1.0
Chromosorb G 0.5 - 0.8
Chromosorb 750 0.5 - 1.0

Available Mesh Size for Chromosorb® Media
Mesh Size Micron
30/60 595/250
45/60 354/250
60/80 250/177
80/100 177/149
100/120 149/125
120/140 125/105

Available Surface Treatments for Chromosorb® Media
Surface Treatment Abbreviation
Non acid washed NAW
Acid washed AW
Hexamethyldisilazane HMDS
Acid washed dimethyldichlorosolane AW-DMCS

Chromosorb W AW Media
One of our most popular Chromosorb sorbents is Chromosorb W AW Media.

Intended Use
Chromosorb W AW media is intended to be used as a multipurpose sorbent with biologic solutions in CGMP pharmaceutical applications. These applications include sample preparation/solid phase extraction as well as large-scale biopharmaceutical purification.

Chromosorb W AW Media is packaged in 150-g bottles and 4.5 kg cartons.

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Advanced Minerals is the world's leading supplier of high purity diatomite filter aids as well as silica and silicate sorbents. Our products are manufactured in a new state of the art plant and tested to meet the most stringent quality standards. With a variety of high throughput media, Advanced minerals can help speed process development and streamline manufacturing processes. Our experienced applications team will assist you with on-site trials to address all of your requirements.

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